10 Simple Ways To Make Better Healthier Diet!

Do you love eating various types of food? If yes, go ahead. A foodie will try out different cuisines and be satisfied after trying them. Craving for food is not bad at all until it is under control. Over time this craving will become a habit and people will start gaining weight when the portion sizes are not controlled. Uncontrolled eating habits together with no exercise will make you unhealthy.

Practice mindful eating to become healthier. Most people know a lot about healthy food options and they always read something or other related to food but somehow they lack the determination to eat healthy. Knowing what to eat and putting it into practice is different. For following a healthy eating habit you need determination and discipline.

How do you start making changes to your diet? Never make big changes to your diet overnight as you will not be able to follow it as your cravings will take a hold of you. The best approach to become a healthier you is start with diet. Start with small changes as these changes are easier to follow and within no time they would become your habit. You will also stick to it as you will start enjoying the journey of becoming healthier.

Some pointers to good health are

Switch Your Breakfast To A High Protein, Low Carbohydrate Option

Eating high protein diet for breakfast makes you feel fuller for a longer time. A healthy breakfast will definitely make you energetic and it will also reduce your cravings throughout the day. A diet high in carbohydrate is also good but definitely a high protein diet is better.

Use your creativity to have a meal combination of lentils, eggs or lean meat. Plan it such that it is high in protein and low on carbohydrate.

Say Hello To H20

You can survive without food for days together but not without water. Water is the elixir of life and so start drinking water at regular intervals. If you are hydrated your attention span is high and you are able to concentrate well.

Two to three litres of water is to be taken by an individual daily. To reach your target get a two or three litre bottle and fill it early in the morning and start sipping it throughout the day. You can even start your day by gulping water first thing in the morning. You will feel hydrated and it flushes out the toxins in the body.

Eat Until You Aren’t 80% Full

You need not overload yourself at one meal. Be conscious of what you eat and stop before you reach your satiety levels, by this mindful eating your digestive systems work well. People living in Okinawa islands of Japan follow the principle of “Hara Hachi Bu” which when translated means eat only 80% of the food until you are full.

Okinawans have been following this for centuries and on a comparison they eat less than other cultures. They live longer as their systems work perfectly.

Add More Vegetables Into Diet

Plan your meals by giving preference to a lot of vegetable combinations. Let your meal combinations be more of vegetables than cereals, following this you will eat healthy food and will also feel fuller for the longest time.

Take time to plan your meal options as including multi coloured vegetables in a single meal is best recommended. The technique is called “eat the rainbow” as you get a good variety.

Eat Anti Inflammatory Foods

To strengthen your immune system start consuming omega 3 fatty acids. Try to include them daily into your diet.

Salmon, tuna, tofu, flaxseeds and walnuts are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids.

Start Avoiding Sugar

Sugar does not have any nutritional value in your diet, start gradually cutting down on sugar and the added benefit you get is that you will definitely feel lesser cravings when you cut down on sugar. Sugar has the property to make you addictive to it. So instead of refined sugar go in for berries and dates which are rich in potassium.

Add Vitamins In Your Food

When you start eating a variety of foods your body will start getting a combination of nutrients which is very essential for healthy functioning of the body. Vitamins in real food is better than supplements as they are chemically and structurally superior to supplements.

Increase Your Protein Intake

You can definitely increase your protein intake as protein is very essential for repair. Go in for dairy sources rather than using powders. If you are working out regularly then, you can go in for protein bars or protein shakes.

Eat Your Fruits Instead Of Drinking Them

Make it a habit to eat the fruits as such and do not have them as juices. When you make juices out of the fruits the fibre content is lost and you end up adding lots of sugar.

Choose Healthy Oils

Stick to traditional oils rather than going for advertised heart healthy oils. Locally made oils are best than packaged oils.

So follow these steps to become healthier.

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