Cigarette Bins - Best Way to Dispose Off Cigarette Butts and Ash

According to a study, more than 4.5 trillion cigarette butts enter our environment every year. This is truly an alarming figure. Besides littering the place, the filters used in the cigarette are another major issue. The butt bin is one of the solutions to this problem. Now, people can dispose the butts responsibly by using these bins. The smokers can stub out the cigarettes and store the butts safely in the butt bin. This avoids the mess and keeps the premises clean. They are easily available in the market.

Cigarette Bins

What are cigarette bins?

It is a device or a container used to extinguish and dispose the cigarette waste. It is also known as cigarette receptacles, snuffers, ash urn, butt holders, ash pan, butt bin, etc. A general cigarette bin can easily hold thousands of cigarette butts.

Installation of cigarette bins

If you provide relevant butt bins for people working in your office, it will reduce the mess created due to cigarette butts. Different kind of cigarette bins in varying design and size is available in the market. Know your organization's choice and then order for installing the desired bin for your organization.

After installation, you must make sure to empty and clean the cigarette bin at regular intervals. This will ensure the efficient working of the device.

Cigarette bins install

Types of butt bins

There are different types of butt bins present in the market. You can decide a relevant one based on your requirements. Following are some of the choices:

Freestanding ashtrays - It proves to be a safe and affordable way of collecting the cigarette waste. They have different features in them and they vary in colour and size.
Furniture ash-tray - This is an elegant product. A variety of furniture items like tables and chairs have inbuilt ash trays with them. These can be used in outdoor environment like gardens, recreational venues, staff areas, parks etc.
Wall mounted ashtrays or post mounted ashtrays - In this, the cigarette bins are attached to some pole or a wall and seem freestanding. They have effective butting-out surfaces having holes for waste disposal. They can simply be hanged at any height and can easily be relocated according to your needs.
Windproof ashtrays - They are relevant for restaurant and outdoor cafe environments. These are provided in an array of designs. These provide the smokers the benefit of butting out the cigarette without the ash blowing back. This is totally apt for outdoor areas for staff smoking, having chairs and tables.
Personal ashtrays - They are designed according to your personal needs. They can fit in your handbag or pocket.
Transportable bins - These are designed as cups and can easily get into the cup holders in your truck car, boat etc.
Street litter bins - These have a particular surface at its top, where the smokers can crush their cigarette, and put the butt in the bin, this will prevent the chances of fire inside the bin.

Hence, don't wait anymore, just call a trusted company and order a relevant cigarette bin, which fits your needs.